Marcie L. Klebanoff, ATP

Assistive Technology & AAC Specialist

Pic of Marcie

Who am I?

Marcie L. Klebanoff runs a private practice dedicated to providing Assistive Technology and Alternative and Augmentative Communication to individuals with special needs. She has her Master’s degree in Assistive Technology and is a certified Assistive Technology Practitioner. She received her Master’s Degree in Assistive Technology from the University of Connecticut School of Education and her Bachelor’s Degree  from the University of Connecticut School of Education. She participated in numerous specialized trainings in the use of AT and AAC devices. She has expertise knowledge in the training, implementation, use, development, and programming of low– and high-tech assistive and adaptive technology products, computer access equipment, AAC devices, and communication systems. She served as the Assistive Technology and AAC Specialist at Giant Steps School in Fairfield, Connecticut from 2000-2008. She serves as a consultant to schools in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY.