Marcie L. Klebanoff, ATP

Assistive Technology & AAC Specialist



Description of Services

Evaluations include comprehensive written report with recommendations. Specific software is carefully recommended based on the students current needs, level of functioning and is designed to meet his/her IEP goals. AAC assessment includes on-site trials Trainings and Workshops are customized Creative use of technology to implement and assist student in achieving his/her IEP goals. Programming of devices according to the students needs, likes, level of functioning, and IEP goals


To help children with disabilities enhance their lives, increase their confidence independence, productivity, and gain greater social inclusion through the use of cutting-edge assistive technology. To promote independence To make learning accessible To increase the ability to participate more fully in all areas of their academic program To improve a person’s capacity to learn To promote social integration

Population Served

Students ages 2 -21 with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities.

Types of Services Provided

List of Services