Marcie L. Klebanoff, ATP

Assistive Technology & AAC Specialist



“As a parent of an autistic boy, I cannot say enough good things about Marcie Klebanoff and what she has done for my son. It’s immeasurable. Not only does Oliver love his therapy time with Marcie, but he learns so much. He actually looks forward to it because it doesn’t seem like work. Every week is something different. He actually uses his words to request things he likes to do. His language has increased. He has learned how to read above grade level. His math skills have improved as well. He totally enjoys the computer, so there is a motivation for him to learn skills on it as well as play games. As a parent of a special needs child, you owe it to yourself and your child to at least give this type of therapy a try. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. I know we are not, we are thrilled !”

~Susan Harris
~Parent of a 6 year old autistic boy

“Andrea is a 7 year old girl that has autism and cerebral palsy. Despite her diagnosis, Andrea has learned so much through working with computers. One of the skills that she has learned is to make that eye contact that many autistic children don’t have. Andrea searches for attention when she sees something on Marcie’s programs and calls my name, looks at me and tells me what is on the computer screen. That is priceless.”

~Brenda Badolato